Special trick ! View iCloud password from iPhone iPad

Before continue reading, please make sure that your iPhone has already been “jailbroken” !

For iDevices (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) which already be jailbroken, you can view the iCloud password of that device. This tutorial will be your life saver if you forgot your iCloud password ! Sounds cool, right ?

This trick is not always 100% success, it’s just only 50%. But you still have to try it because I understand how do you feel if you forgot your iCloud password.

From iFunbox, go to:


Open the file Cache.db with your text editor and you may see the iCloud password (Look at the picture below)

How to read iCloud password ?
How to read iCloud password ?


This trick will not work with device running on iOS 8.3 or higher. Almost of tested cases is: iOS 8.0 to 8.1.2

If you couldn’t succeed with this tutorial, you may need to try the iCloud unlocking service from 3nd party provider. I will suggest it here later

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