30M iPhone Users, Mobile Browsing Doubles in 1 Yr

30million_iphone.jpgThere are some exciting developments in the world of mobile browsing! First, Apple announced today that it has sold 17 million iPhones and 13 million iPod Touches. That’s a total of 30 million people browsing the web using their Apple devices!

Also in the news: a new comScore report came out that shows the number of people using their mobile device to access news and information on the Internet more than doubled from January 2008 to January 2009. Among the audience of 63.2 million people who accessed news and information on their mobile devices in January 2009, 22.4 million (35 percent) did so daily; more than double the size of the audience last year.

“Much of the growth in news and information usage is driven by the increased popularity of downloaded applications, such as those offered for the iPhone.”

The breakdown is interesting:

  • Mobile social networks: Up 427%
  • Traded Stocks or accessed financial accounts: Up 188%
  • Access movie information: Up 185%
  • Accessed business directories: Up 161%
  • Accessed entertainment news: Up 160%
  • Accessed news & information: Up 107%

Source: comScore

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