Unlimited Fonts on the iPhone Using Cufón

Let’s face it, one of the oldest issues facing web designers has been the limited default browser fonts. Safari Mobile is no exception, here are the iPhone’s default fonts:


Web Designers have alternatives, of course. Like sIFR, which replaces text in the browser with its Flash alternative. Given the iPhone’s current lack of Flash support, iPhone optimized sites have little alternative but to use the default fonts. Until now.

Enter Cufón. Cufón is aiming to become the sIFR alternative.From what I’ve seen it’s well on it’s way to being just that. Cufón doesn’t require any plug-ins, works on every major browser on the market (including mobile browsers), and needs almost no configuration whatsoever. Oh, and it’s fast, which is even more important for designing with mobile browsers in mind.

Cufón consists of two individual parts – a font generator, which converts fonts to a proprietary format and a rendering engine written in JavaScript. In a matter of minutes you can turn those h1’s into beautiful fonts.


Don’t take my word for it. Head on over to NetTuts for a great demo and a screencast on just how they did it.
Cufón Source Code

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