4 Cool Web Design Tools for iPhone Optimization

I came across these really cool tools created by Manifest Interactive, a web development firm based in St. Louis, MO.  They created these tools to be used in house on their own projects, but were kind enough to share them with the world.

jquery.gif The first tool is the jQuery Flick plug-in, which adds iPhone/iPod flick/scroll functionality to jQuery. It features built in Touch methods including ontouchstart, ontouchend and ontouchmove. It also includes rubber banding if the user scrolls past the top/bottom of the scrollable region. There is also an internal division ontouchstart to place over any clickable elements. This prevents items that are in the scrollable region from being clicked while you are in mid scroll.

jquery.gif The second tool is the jQuery Touch plug-in). This plugin adds iPhone/iPod touch functionality to jQuery. It features built in Touch methods including ontouchstart, ontouchend, ontouchmove, ongesturestart, ongesturechange and ongestureend. You may specify what options you want available for the specified target(s), including: animate, dragx, dragy, rotate, resort and scale.
orientationchecker.gifAnother tool that Manifest has shared is the iPhone Orientation Checker. This allows developers to use Javascript and CSS to control the layout for their website based on the rotation of the Apple iPhone/Touch. This application requires a mobile safari based browser. You can, however, view the source code with any browser.
iphonetools.gifAnd last but not least, my favorite little tool: The iPhone Web Developer Tool (similar to the Firefox Web Developer extension). This tool, built for the Safari Web Browser, allows you to use your iPhone for Web Developing. To use it you can open the link in your iPhone. From there you can View Source, Find on Page, Outline Divs & Tables, etc. Simply drag bookmarks into the web browser that you have your iPhone or iPod Touch synced to and you’re good to go. It will work on any site.

Manifest Interactive have released some other cool tools not related specifically to iPhone optimized web design. You should definitely check out their work.

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