Excellent Custom Spinning Wheel Control (HTML+CSS+JS)

rotating-wheel.jpgMatteo Spinelli, creator of the spinning wheel selector widget, has done it again.  He’s on a mission to change the way designers think about iPhone optimized websites.

Tired of the same old cloned Apple UI, Matteo has suggested developing customized controls using javascript, html and css. I can honestly say he is taking the lead on this front.

Using just 150 lines of code, css transforms, WebKitCSSMatrix and javascript, he’s created a truly unique interface that could be mistaken for something cooked up in Objective C for a native app.

The interface is remarkably simple. Consisting of just a single html file and three images, his proof of concept is slick. But it’s potential is what really stands out.

I’ve already started cooking up ways to use it, and will hopefully share a variation with everyone soon! Until then, please head over to cubiq.com and check out Matteo’s creation.

Check out the demo here.

Matteo’s original post here.

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