An iPhone Optimized Social Bookmarking Widget: Social Spinner

socialspinner_lg.pngA couple of weeks ago I wrote about Matteo Spinelli’s cool rotating wheel interface for the iPhone. It’s a very cool proof of concept, and Matteo left it up to us to figure out some real world applications for it.

I thought this would be perfect for a social bookmarking tool. So with my limited coding abilities I sat down and pieced together the “Social Spinner”.

Since the original rotating wheel had just 12 spaces, I simply picked the top 12 social bookmarking apps and used those. If you want to change these, just edit index.html and socialspinner.js to use any other social bookmarking submit code.

It’s admittedly far from perfect. I’d like to see it called it from within a div, and would love to see it work as part of WP-Touch. Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the knowledge at this point, so I’m putting it out there for anyone to use and modify as they like.

Since Social Spinner uses the onTouch function, it will only work on iPhone and iPod Touch.

To see it in action you’ll need to open your iPhone/iTouch to this link

Download source files here

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