iPhone Themes for RapidWeaver (Mac Only)

rapidweaver_box.jpgOne of the earliest WYSIWYG web editors on the market was RapidWeaver. It’s most notable characteristic is its ability to use site themes that simplify the website creation process for the user.

There are a large number of third-party developers who create themes for RapidWeaver, so it’s not surprising to see more iPhone optimized themes being sold. Here’s a roundup of a few of those themes:

[singlepic id=164 w=150 h=113 float=left]Unity

Unity claims to be the first theme that can serve two different versions of your site to visitors – one for desktop users and an iPhone/Touch optimized version (similar in function to WPTouch for WordPress).

source: realmacsoftware

[singlepic id=162 w=150 h=113 float=left]SmartDock Mobile

SmartDock Mobile utilizes CSS3 and Javascript to provide an iPhone specific browsing experience. The menu stays hidden until the user taps on it, at which point it slides into place. It also has multiple color schemes and customizable background images.

Source: realmacsoftware

[singlepic id=163 w=150 h=113 float=left]Touch

The Touch theme mimics the iPhone/iPod touch interface.

Because RapidWeaver is not made with a theme like Touch in mind some functions are used differently than they normally are. Therefore an extensive manual is added to the package.

Source: realmacsoftware

RapidWeaver commercial software, available for $79 here.

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