Magic Framework

splash.pngMagic Framework is a native iPhone UI imitator and HTML5 db interface built in html/css/javascript. It’s useful for online websites or on-device Webkit-based applications looking to imitate the native iPhone UI and/or use native storage without having to write native code.

What makes this framework stand out  is that is was created by Jeff McFadden (PhoneGap developer) and is used in Jeff’s iPhone app (titled ‘Inside Trader’).

It uses CSS3 transitions for the slide effect between pages. To use it you just download it, modify the lists and views to suit your needs, and test in a WebKit  based browser.

One of the things that stood out right away was the nifty splash screen that fades away to reveal the familiar user iPhone navigation:

[singlepic id=140 w=320 h=240 float=center]

You can download Magic Framework over at gitgub

You can check out the demo (WebKit Browsers only) here

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