iPhone App Sketchbook

mobify_logo.pngStephen Martin started designing iPhone apps and found it easier to sketch his ideas before putting together any digital comps. After losing some of his sketches he decided to design his own iPhone sketchbook. The iPhone App Sketchbook lets you quickly put your iPhone app designs on paper, without the need for templates, sketches, and wireframes.

The Sketchbook Specs include:

  • 3 real-size iPhone templates per page
  • Pixel (20px) ruler and title bar markings
  • Ruled section for your development notes
  • 100 double-sided pages (Sketch 600 screens)
[singlepic id=207 w=250 h=102]

Each sketchbook costs $16.99 and has a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

You can order them at AppSketchbook.com

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