jQTouch Beta 2 Released

logoWhen I posted about jQTouch back in March, it was still an Alpha release with lots of promise.

Now it looks like it’s developers are really starting to keep that promise with it’s new Beta 2 release that includes a lot of enhancements and bug fixes.

If you’re not familiar with jQTouch, it’s a jQuery plugin with native animations, auto list navigation, and default application styles for Mobile WebKit browsers like iPhone, G1, Storm, and Pre. It’s released under the MIT License.

The latest jQTouch features:

  • Native WebKit animations, with 8 core page animations (including several 3d options) and the ability to easily add your own.
  • Support for custom extensions, including 4 built-in sample extensions for geo location
  • A public object now allows you to manipulate jQTouch dynamically with functions like goTo(), goBack(), and submitForm().
  • A “fast touch” feature is enabled by default, improving responsiveness up to 500% in some cases.
  • Swipe Detection
  • Flexible Themes

I’m seriously impressed with jQTouch and can’t wait to see what designers will do with it. Check out a few of the clips below and be impressed yourself:

jQTouch Preview

jQTouch Animations

View a demo here (on iPhone, Safari using iPhone user agent)

Download jQTouch here

Get support on Google Code

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