NimbleKit: Native iPhone apps with HTML and JavaScript

nk_thumbNimbleKit, developed by VolnaTech, is an SDK that allows users to develop iPhone applications much quicker using HTML and Javascript.

The NimbleKit API sits on top of Cocoa Touch and uses Javascript functions to give developers access to core iPhone functionality such as:

  • Native iPhone interface elements
  • Full control of application appearance
  • Databases support
  • Play bundle audio files
  • Play audio streams from the Internet
  • Play bundled or streamed video
  • Support iPhone vibration
  • Support Address Book with full search and people picker
  • Access to bundled files
  • Check Internet availability
  • Location services (GPS)
  • Access to images (take photo or browse in library)
  • Multibutton dialog sheets
  • Abilitie to mix javascript and Objective-C
  • UISwitch native control
  • UITextField native control
  • Support for non standard replys for NKInternetPlayer
  • Pages caching
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The demo version of the NimbleKit gives you access to all of the features and testing on the iPhone simulator. You must buy a copy to run on your iPhone, but you can create as many apps as you like with it. You’ll also need Xcode installed with the iPhone SDK to run NimbleKit.

Download Nimblekit

Check out the NimbleKit wiki

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