Pipho – a PHP iPhone Optimized Image Gallery

Pipho I wrote before about JAIPHO, a mobile optimized web gallery that can be installed on both mobile and standard websites. Now the developer of JAIPHO has created a server side solution – Pipho.

Pipho reads photos from any directory, creates resized thumbnail and slide images, and combines it with the Jaipho javascript. It also supports text files as descriptions for both gallery and slides.

Pipho requires PHP5 and is written in the Zend Framework, but does not requires any Zend class. All PHP classes are stored in library folder.

[singlepic id=211 w=106 h=200 float=left]

If you’ve designed your iPhoneized site using iUI, Jaipho/Pipho integrates very well.

It is currently works on iPhone only, but testing is underway for Android and so far it looks promising. Plans are in the works to support other smartphones as well.

Source: jaipho.com

Download Jaipho

Download Phipho

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