How to check iPhone carrier by IMEI for FREE !

If you are looking for an online tool which allows you to check your iPhone carrier for Free, so this article will make you be happy.

Today I would like to recommend a website to do it and it’s absolutely Free ! No payment required. But I have to say: This tool is not 100% exact, the exact rate is about 60-100%. But at almost of cases as I tested, it’s works.

And the website I’m talking about is:

Let me give you an example:

Firstly, I will go to iPhoneIMEI.Net and insert my IMEI number (Simply dialing *#06# to see your IMEI)
Click to see with full size
 Once inserted, hit the “Enter” button, if you’ve inserted a correct IMEI, you will see the result like this
To check your iPhone carrier, you should select your iPhone country if you already known and sure that. If you’re not sure, do not select, just leave it as default value.
The second step is simply click the “Check my carrier” button and wait for 5-15 seconds. You will see the result: - Check iPhone IMEI carrier FREE – Check iPhone IMEI carrier FREE
If there are no message about percent of exact rate, it means the result is 100% exact, just like the image below
Check iPhone carrier free
Check iPhone carrier free



Sometime it may shows “Not found”, then you have to use premium iPhone carrier check , the price is just about ~1$

Please share this tutorial if it’s helpful 😉 Thanks

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