4K iMac and new Apple TV will be unveiled this year

As the expectation of the users, recently, Apple has officially announced the release of OS X new operating system called El Capitan. With responsibilities to expand OS X platform on the current computer system, El Capitan version is said to be faster, stronger and more focused on user experience.

Before brought to users, El Capitan will be handled by a lot of programmers in developing apps for it. In this process, some programmers have discovered interesting details about the new product which Apple will launch this year.


As noted, it seems that Apple is promoting to launch a new 21.5 inch size iMac with crisp 4K resolution. Besides, this product wil be equipped with a remote control using Bluetooth, which can be used on a set-top-box device such as Apple TV.

Specifically, information leaked from El Capitan version said that iMac will have screen with 4096 x 2304 resolution pixel running the latest platform, not the OS X Yosemite. Therefore, it’s likely that Apple will announce 4K screen iMac at the same time that El Capitan version is launched.


In addition, developers also find some details involving a new Bluetooth remote control that supports multi-touch input and infrared. This is considered as a trend of remote control which is available on the smart TV interface today.

According to the description of the 9to5Mac site, it seems that this remote control is also integrated trackpad which helps users to use and control easier. Therefore, it is likely Apple will also release a new version of Apple TV to fit to the improvements this year. In particular, sources also speculated that probably Siri will be integrated into this smart remote control.


Even, many reports said that the latest Bluetooth remote control of Apple can be equipped with Force Touch technology, however, there is no evidence for this.

Currently, information about the new version of Apple TV is also more reliable. Because in the event WWDC 2015 not long ago, Apple is rumored to launch the brand-new Apple TV, however, to the end of this event, no such products appear.

Therefore, perhaps Apple delayed the launch of new set-top-box Apple TV so that it can integrate the most modern technologies and will be launched later this year.

It is expected that the next major event will be shared by CEO Tim Cook in late September. This is also the period of time which the iMac or Apple TV are expected to launch.

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