Apple will introduce the iPhone 7C with 4 inches screen next year

According to information from the component supply chain, iPhone 7C will be introduced in 2016 with 4 inches screen size like on the iPhone 5S, 5C and 5.


According to the Economic Daily News website, Taiwan’s providers about solutions and touchscreen has signed an agreement to supply 4 inches screen for Apple in the future. The first screen panels will be shipped in early 2016 and used for iPhone 7C- a cheap version of the iPhone 7.

This is a good sign when in the recent survey, many IFAN are more interested in 4 inches screen size and Apple are ready to meet it. Moreover, only using small screen size, the average resolution will help iPhone 7C really cheaper and consumers will have more choices.


In April, it is reported that the AOU is preparing to sign an agreement to provide the iPhone screen with different sizes, including 4-inch screen for Apple. However, up to 2016, AUO can deliver the first orders for Apple. Therefore, almost certainly, there will not have a smaller screen version appearing in September this year.

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