How to change Apple ID on iPhone to another account?

Apple ID is one of the important accounts of the iPhone. If you do not have it, you can miss a lot of important things. However, when you log in mistaken or your ID Apple account is faulty, you may have to replace it with a new registered account. The following article will help you to change your Apple ID on iPhone with just a few simple steps.

1, Change Apple ID account on the iPhone with just a few steps.

When you really want to log in one another Apple ID account on your iPhone, it is necessary to follow the following steps to ensure changes can be one easily.

First, you go to the Settings, scroll down to find iTunes and Apple Store, click to go to the settings for the Apple ID and other items.

ID Apple

Now you tap on ID Apple, for example, you have one Apple ID name is, you tap on this text, press and hold down a little bit, you will see the screen appear some options.

+ The first line is your account name.

+ The second line is to see Apple ID.


+ Tap Sign Out and you can then enter a new Apple ID and password


2, How to create an Apple ID card without visa card

First you need to have iTunes installed on your computer.

Then you open up iTunes.

At the interface of iTunes, you find any free app, type the search keywords in the search box on the top right corner of the screen.

At that time, the application will display the iTunes Store, choose any apps, and tap Receive, then download.

Once you download the application, iTunes will ask you to enter the Apple ID, then you click Create Apple ID.

iTunes will show the information about creating APPE ID, such as email, password, …

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