How to fix Touch ID error on iPhone 6

As an advanced device favored by many tech users in the world, iPhone 6 is designed meticulously and carefully by Apple. However, this doesn’t mean that iPhone 6 don’t have any errors during use process. Recently, some users inform that they meet Touch ID when using the device. So what we should do when encountering this problem? This article will help you to find the answer for this question.

1, Some information about Touch ID:

Touch ID is fingerprint sensor features used in Smartphone devices in general, so Apple also equipped with this feature for iPhone 6. Users can secure the device in a better way with Touch ID. However, when error occurs with Touch ID, you cannot use the fingerprint sensor. To troubleshoot this situation you can refer to the following solutions.touch_id_password_iphone_6

2, How to fix Touch ID on iPhone 6

2.1, Fix Touch ID error failure

The easiest way for users to troubleshoot Touch ID error in this situation is that you should register their fingerprints. maybe for some reasons that the fingerprint of the user can be changed in the using process, such as when registering Touch ID with wet hands, or dry, … not identical.

How to fix

To troubleshoot this situation, you can register new fingerprints on the Touch ID. When you register you remember to clean hand and dry hands before performing the registration.

Firstly, you select Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Enter your Passcode. On the next screen you can slide from right to left on each fingerprint to delete, then you register your fingerprints.


2.2, Fix Touch ID does not work in App Store

There is another error when using the Touch ID on iPhone 6 which users can see is to use this feature on the App Store. If you register again Touch ID but still can not access the App Store, the error may occur with software. There are many iOS 8 users said they did not see Touch ID appear in the App Store. With this error you can fix by following.

How to fix

Firstly, you go to settings -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Enter Your Passcode. Then you take off iTunes & App Store, then you restart the device. Next, you continue to return Touch ID & Passcode in the settings you turn on iTunes & App Store. This can help to overcome above error when Touch ID doesn’t not work in the App Store.iphone6-ios8-settings-touch_id

2.3, Fix Touch ID does not work in the iPhone 6

If you have tried the method above but still do not get good results. Now, you can Hard Reset iPhone 6 to refresh the device. This can help you fix this problem. You can also apply this solution on the device when meeting this situation.

2.4. Some causes and different solutions

In winter, your hands often change slightly, although it’s just a small change, it may cause your iPhone 6 impossible fingerprint identification. You can register new fingerprints as your fingerprint changes.

Or when your hands are wet, you can also wait until dry hands so that you can use the Touch ID feature on the device iPhone 6. If your hands are dirty, you should also clean them before using this feature.


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