How to free-up storage space on iPhone 6

Memory is one extremely important part of a mobile phone. As a basic component of the smartphone, the memory also has another important role. That is storage including the operating system. However, iPhone doesn’t have external memory so sometimes users can encounter many problems related to memory. The following article will help you troubleshoot this problem.


1, What should we do when iPhone is out of memory

iPhone’s memory can be divided into 2 parts include temporary memory and internal memory.

I, iPhone 6 is out of temporary memory:

+ Temporary memory, known as cache memory, RAM, your activities on the iPhone will be stored until you turn off the phone.

+ In other words, the full memory means that you will not be able to make any further manipulation. Besides, your device can be shock when this cache memory is almost full.

How to fix iPhone 6’s cache memory (RAM) is full:

+ First, you need to turn off all background applications running: the smartphone later is developed multitasking systems so it will always run after you have opened even if you do not use, unless you turn it off altogether. To turn it off, you press and hold the Home button on the iPhone 6 or double-click on virtual Home button in order to appear the multitasking, slide applications to turn off.


+ Reduce load background applications little use: some applications often run underground even if you never open up. Therefore, you need to turn off customize underground applications, then your device will be liberated Ram.

+ Use the dedicated clean up garbage information browser: Apple Store supports many clean up garbage information browser for the iPhone, iPad, you can download to use, or if the iPhone has been jailbroken, this will become easier by Cydia support more than the App Store.

II, iPhone 6 is out of internal memory

+ As mentioned above, the internal memory include file system, and the rest will be used to store data that you use on the iPhone such as music, photos, movies, apps.

 How to fix iPhone 6’s internal memory is full:

+ First, you need to go to Settings> Use, to check current capacity. A storage management application will let you know which app are taking up the most space. If you do not need it, please delete them, especially those applications which are capable of high data load, because the total capacity includes the data in the process of using them.


+ Remove the redundant part on device: you can remove the long message manually or by message storage mode (with optional 30-day). It also delete unnecessary images, or put it up on iCloud to be more slightly for device, and more conveniently.

+ How to set message mode, go to Settings> Messages> Save message> select option 30 days.


With a few tips to resolve memory status, I hope that you can solve problems your iPhone 6. Wish you have a good experience.

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