Apple sold 3 million Apple Watch devices after 3 months in the US

According to some reliable sources in the US, after three months of semi-official launch, mainly through online ordering, has about 3 million Apple Watch devices to the present time. In particular, the report from market research firm, Intelligence Slice said the specific figure was 3,039,353 units.

Reportedly, Apple Watch Sport Model is the best-selling version, over 50% of total orders. According to estimation, approximately 1,950,909 Apple Watch Sport devices have been launched, the average price is 381 USD. Meanwhile, Apple Watch’s stainless steel version accounts for 1,086,569 devices and the average price is 695 USD.


In addition, the report from Slice Intelligence also noted 1,875 Apple Watch Edition devices were sold in the last 3 months with an average price of about $ 13,700. And Watch Edition version which is plated 18K gold only can be found on the wrist of the stars, singers such as Beyonce, Drake, Kanye West, Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams.

In relation to sales of Apple, Slice Intelligence said online sales of Apple Watch has continually declined recently. Specifically, in May, approximately 20,000 units were ordered each day, meanwhile, in June, that number is just under 10,000 units per day. Unfortunately, so far, Apple has not announced the actual sales of Apple Watch to verify the above information.


Likewise, Andy Hargreaves analyst at Pacific Crest also stated the number of customers visiting the store, searching on Google, data from third parties and reports from suppliers showed that the demand for Apple Watch plummeted sharply. The biggest reason was that Apple Watch was not really necessary towards them.

Although previously, sales as noted by Apple Watch was very impressive in its opening week sale about 1 million orders. However, until this, it seems Apple has not kept that increase. Of course, towards Apple, they are still confident in Apple Watch’s sales this year, even surpassing the supply of manufacturers.


In fact, the iPhone is the key device key and brings high profit for Apple. We can clearly see this smartwatch has not really become a flagship product of Apple. Therefore, Apple Watch really needs much more time before it can resonate among technology community.

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