Apple Watch causes users’ hand burnt due to overheating

Recently, some Apple Watch users reflects on the Twitter social network that this smartwatch are burning their skin due to overheating. This incident seems more serious than the customer’s previous feedbacks.

In May, 2015, after receiving feedback on Apple Watch causing skin irritation, this company must add to warn “some people may be sensitive to material”. However, this recent incident is completely because users reflect that their wrist is burned because Apple Watch is overheating.


Paula Cerutti- one of the Apple Watch owners said his wrist appeared burns after a long time wearing this watch. On Twitter, some Apple Watch users also launched complaints attaching images of burns.


Previously, overheat wrist devices causing burns for users ever appeared. In 2014, Fitbit met similar problems with Force tracking operations devices Force and have to withdrawn this product line.

Currently, Apple doesn’t have any comment on the incident, however, the website which supports customer supposes that these cases is because skin irritations of users with a certain number of materials. Besides, this department also said that if not properly wearing, this watch can also cause discomfort for the users.

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