iCloud service of Apple will be free in Greece

In the context of economic crisis, many banks in Greece are closed and enact policies to limit cash withdrawals. Therefore, to support iCloud service users in Greece, Apple will allow them to use the service free for one month.

Apple has sent emails to users in Greece in order to announce the new policy, the content of the email was leaked by iPhoneHellas blog. In it, Apple said that to avoid an interruption in using iCloud service in the current economic crisis, and to ensure that users can access data more, they will provide additional 30 days to use free iCloud service.


Apple also said that if the crisis in Greece continues, the users in this country may continue to use the free iCloud service, until the economic situation stabilizes.

The subsidiary of Apple in Greece also report the difficult situations in this country although many people still pay money for applications on iCloud. Therefore, Apple has decided to help its customers in this country. This is seen as a very significant and meaningful action.

The negotiations to offer Greece aid package of the European Union still don’t come to a final decision. The economic situation in this country is becoming worse when the banks are insolvent and no cash to use.

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