iPhone 6C with 4 inch screen will not be unveiled in September, 2015

Previously, according to the Jefferies analyst firm, Apple is said to have developed new 4 inch phone model called iPhone 6C to meet consumers’ taste as well as expand the new iPhone model. However, it seems this phone model will not be introduced this year.

According to analyst Timothy Arcuri, Apple ever think about iPhone 6 model using 4 inch screen. The information he gathered from private sources as well as supply chain shows that Apple has plans to produce iPhone 6c version which have similar design to iPhone 6 and use similar components to top two current iPhone models but it will only have small screen as iPhone 5s /5c.

iPhone-6C-with-4-inch-screen-will-not-be-unveiled-in-September, 2015

Apple’s idea is to offer other cheap price options for those who want to own an iPhone but do not want to spend money on iPhone 6s which will launched later this year. Mr Acuri said he had seen evidence of the small size iPhone 6, which he called it as iPhone 6c from the supply chain for the period January to March, 2015. However, until now, information on this iPhone has completely disappeared.

Like other iPhone models, Apple also have to test iPhone 6C before deciding whether release this time or not. Whether iPhone 6C will be released as predicted by Jefferies analyst firm or not? We will wait to next September.

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