iPhone 6s will have super fast connection speeds thanks to new LTE modem chip

Not long ago, the next generation iPhone has been leaked with metal frame design posted on the internet. Subsequently, some new features of iPhone 6s are also disclosed.

Accordingly, Apple will replace the modem on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with a newer type of Qualcomm manufacturer. More specifically, the iPhone 6s will be equipped MDM9635M modem chip based on 9×35 modem platform.


This new chip will help to increase significantly the connection speed of the iPhone 6 compared to the 9×25 old platform on iPhone 6. In theory, it could double the connection speed LTE network, with download speeds up to 300MB / s.


Besides the ability to accelerate LTE network connectivity, new chips from Qualcomm also saves power, increases the battery life on the iPhone 6s. Besides, due to designing on 20nm process, MDM9635M will be smaller in size and the entire board of iPhone 6s will have smaller size than iPhone 6.

Therefore, it is likely that Apple will increase the size of the battery on the iPhone 6s because of having much more space inside the machine. Perhaps, iPhone 6s will be thinnest generation iPhone of Apple.

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