IPhone 7 has started mass production

According to reliable sources from Bloomberg, Apple’s next-generation iPhone (probably iPhone 7 or 6s) has started producing large quantities.

Besides revealing the mass production of next generation iPhone, Bloomberg also provides that the new iPhone will be integrated Force Touch technology, which has been applied on the new generation MacBook and Apple Watch.


Force Touch technology allows iPhone to measure the amount of force being exerted by user’s finger in order to provide appropriate responses in each supported application.

This technology is one of the brightest improvements on the new generation iPhone. This is not too strange information because previously, there were multiple sources confirming this problem including Ming-Chi Kuo analyst (who often gives accurate information about the upcoming iPhone model).


Bloomberg also reiterated a number of information around the iPhone 7, including 2 options about screen size including 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. This phone model will own design which doesn’t have much different from the iPhone 6. However, it is not clear about the real name of this product. It can be iPhone 6S, or iPhone 7.

Finally, camera with the resolution up to 12 megapixels will be a very significant upgrade which many users expect on the new generation iPhone. According to proposed schedule, the new generation iPhone will be officially unveiled in the autumn this year. And a month later, new iPad model can appear.

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