New iPhone’s A9 processors start mass production

DigiTimes source revealed Samsung and TSMC were taking steps to prepare for increasing production Apple A9 chip and timely to serve for the arrival of the new generation iPhone.

Shortly before this time, Apple has made the request for these two manufacturers and require them redo the semiconductor wafers. However, this source also confirms these changes will not make much impact on the production process and the new iPhone release schedule.


As expected, TSMC will use 16 nm finFET process technology in mass production Apple A9 chip starting from the fourth quarter of 2015. This also means that the current period until the iPhone is released, Samsung will be mainly responsible for producing chips.

Some earlier reports also said TSMC also involved in production steps and provided Touch ID fingerprint sensor and Cirrus Logic audio chip for the new iPhone basing on 65 nm and 45/55 nm fabrication process of this company.


In this deal, Samsung acts almost primarily when undertaking more than 70% products while TSMC only takes responsible for producing 30% products. However, TSMC also ever served as the main producer for the entire series A8 chip on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

According to DigiTimes citing an internal source from Apple, Apple plans to issue 80 million new generation iPhone before at the end of this year. However, this figure is still lower than the estimated 85-90 million that the Wall Street Journal has launched not long ago.

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