The front-facing of iPhone 6S is leaked with more durable material

Recently, Nowhereelse site of French revealed the first real image about the front-facing of the iPhone 6s. That is image about a series of iPhone screen awaiting to assemble. This information also states that the new generation iPhone will be launched this year.

Basing on the leaked images, we can see the design of the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus almost will not change much compared to their predecessor product.


However, this source also said that the new generation iPhone would be thinner and Apple would use aluminum alloy material which constituted the Watch Sport device for iPhone 6s. This material is said to be more durable than aluminum casing on the iPhone 6 to 60%.

In addition, information source also denied that the new iPhone will use sapphire screen as before because the problem of supply will inevitably cause Apple to abandon this intention. Instead, iPhone 6s can be integrated Force Touch display.

Reportedly, this is the touch screen technology Apple has launched on Apple Watch device. Instead of just being able to detect where you tap the screen, Force Touch also allows touch the power that you are exposing.


Besides, it is likely that Apple would release another color version in order to refresh the iPhone line. That is rose gold. Despite appearing a lot of the concept related to iPhone 6s, it is unclear about the exact color of the rose gold version. And gold version or traditional gray still remains.

Related to configuration, iPhone 6s might upgrade from 12 MP to 8 MP, after many years of not upgrading the iPhone’s camera and increase the RAM memory up to 2 GB.

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