Why iPhone owns less RAM but always runs smoothly?

When talking about iPhone, users usually think of the smartphone which always runs smoothly and rarely lag. This is also the reason why many people choose to buy iPhone instead of the Android handsets of other manufacturers in the market. And despite not pursuing race about configuration, Apple’s phone has never been complained about the quality of the hardware.

The reason which these models from Apple has always been appreciated is because Apple has controlled all 3 factors affecting the users’ experience. These factors include the quality of the hardware, operating system platform and software system.


Because holding these 3 elements, Apple can optimize a maximum of system resources, and program to prioritize important applications. When needed, these devices can use the temporary memory of the CPU instead of using RAM with slower speed.

Besides the optimization of system resources, Apple is also very demanding for applications of the developers. To be able to upload their products to the App Store of Apple, the developers must ensure that their software has high stability and good compatibility with the system.


iOS is not an authentic multitasking operating system. It can be noticed that from a app window, users immediately transfer to the main screen. Now, the app which have just run will stop working. This is different from Android when the applications on this operating system continues to operate in the background state.

Another cause leading to the iOS have higher stability than Android is that Android device manufacturers find ways to develop the own interface for those who use its products. This has led to the fact that Android is changed and deformed much compared with the original version of the operating system. Android is favored because this is open OS. This brings both strengths and weaknesses for it.


Along with too much interference on Android, the smartphone manufacturers also seek to insert their applications and partners into the handset. Even, many manufacturers also intervene so that users cannot delete them. Therefore, many users after purchasing often choose to install the OS on your phone to the original Android.

Another reason often mentioned when talking about the issue is the Java language often used for applications that run on the Android platform. Applications which use this language often generate many junk files.

That is the fundamental reason to explain why the iPhone has less RAM but always runs smoothly.

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