From where the iOS 9 layout and features come from?




iOS 9


Members and experts often notice function and the design elements of the program at the new gadgets that have previously been used by their competitors. Apple is also sometimes added to the new version of iOS features borrowed from the jailbreak community this has led them to giving space to newer ideas and innovations in the field of technology.

Of course, it is impossible to speak with confidence about copying, besides, they can buy the designs, layout and even acquire the legal rights by paying the developers. Keeping it simple, we all like these ideas in general. We only list the innovations that had already been proposed in the jailbreak. So here goes the list where, probably the Apple Inc have included some of the features from the jailbreak community and tweaks.



  1. ShowCase

This function adds the lower-case letters when writing messages or notes in iMessages and other messaging apps on iPhone.


  1. SwipeSelection

This option simplifies the adjustment of typed text. Word correction, converting a selection to the italic font, rearranging the words or phrases in some places and other functions. Now on iOS for the iPad, you can click by tapping with two fingers, causing the cursor to move, and then you just need to set it to the desired location of the text and begin the adjustment.


  1. VideoPane

This function is called, “picture in picture.” You can now view the video anywhere on the screen of your iPad, while browsing through the mail, moving the alarm clock or performing other actions on the device.


  1. BattSaver

This tweak has been created by French hacker Xvolks, received recognition after creating a jailbreak tool Absinthe. This feature reduces system performance and energy consumption in those moments when the device battery is running out, and the nearest outlet is still very far away. The new technology can extend the “life” gadget for 3 hours.


  1. SearchSettings

With the advent of various sections of the settings in the “smart” features to find the right machine takes a long time, so Californians decided to add a search for the gadget settings. This development belongs to Ryan Petritsch.


  1. ReachApp

At the time, the developer by the name of Elijah Frederick decided to give the opportunity to the owners of Apple devices use multi-mode. “Geniuses” of Cupertino decided to take his idea, but the “multiple windows” concept were only limited to the owners of iPad.


  1. Dash and Auxo

When you create an interface for iOS 9 multitasking, it seems, we used programming Dash and Auxo, but some can also trace the connection “between” 9 and Android 5.0. Dash and Auxo provided an easy app switcher instead of the current iOS-based toggles and switcher. This also had changed the app icons with a card like screenshots of the current running state of the app. Also, you can remove the working app from the app switcher by swiping down. All of these features are now notable in iOS 9.

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