This is how the Heart Rate Monitor on the Apple Watch Works

This is how the Heart Rate Monitor on the Apple Watch Works


Apple will continue to acquaint us with their smart watches, talking about them and their advertising. Today we are lifting the curtain on how the function of the heart rate monitor on Apple Watch works.

Already many have heard: Apple Watch will monitor your health, they will be able to track your activity, to measure heart rate, heart rate, and much more! However, the question remains: How? The answer is simple: the lower part of the smart hours adjacent to the wrist, the LEDs, and the photodiodes are placed with an infrared (invisible) and visible radiation, with which it can trace the pulse in the arteries of the hand and, therefore, estimates the heart rate accordingly.




During your working hours and during exercise Apple Watch fix all the indicators and analyzes them. According to the results, the program “Health” may advise you to see a doctor, or to offer the training program. Watch your pulse and lets you manage your working out the schedule by giving you the correct Heart Rate.



It should be noted that the method of tracking the pulse based on the principle of photoplethysmography. In other words, the device is fastened on the wrist where it is in close contact with the skin and the underlying tissues. There a translucent green light pierce the skin And at this time the photodetectors measure the volume of blood in the tissue and, consequently, the pulse that is obtained from the nearest artery on the wrist. Especially the radial artery is ideal for the measurement of the pulse that is present on the wrist where the watch is fastened. But there is no such proof that pulse that the apple watch measures is measured from the radial artery alone, this is our assumption.

Apple employees told that sensors in the Apple Watch produced nearly 100 such samples in a second using a green light during exercise that improves measurement accuracy. At the same time throughout the day, this smart watch spends hours, and automatic measurement of the pulse is done, with the use of infrared radiation. This process occurs with a frequency of once every ten minutes throughout the period the watch has been fastened on the wrist.




Tip: The basic idea of accurate measurement of the heart rate by the Apple watch is by piercing the skin of the wrist by a translucent light. So to obtain the accurate data on the incidence of cardiac rhythm, fasten the watch tightly onto your wrist so that it can maximize contact with the skin and, therefore, reducing the chances of inaccurate measurements.

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