How to use the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may not be a gigantic hit. However, keep in mind that the Apple Watch grabbed over half of the global smartwatch market six months after launch. According to a survey conducted by PhoneDog, the Apple’s first wearable device is one of the most popular smart watches in the world.

The Apple Watch comes with many features, and some of them may annoy you. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your device.

  • 1. Turn off sound


Normally, your Apple Watch will make an audible “ding” sound every time you get a new notification. You may find it annoying. Tech experts have suggested that you silence the notification sound when you set up your Apple Watch. To do this, from your home screen, you can tap “Sound & Haptics”, and flip on “Silent mode”.

  • 2. Use your Apple Watch as a digital clock

Smart watches are getting more and more popular. Tech experts say that smart watches are going to eventually replace traditional watches. However, in fact, people are still buying quality traditional timepieces. With the latest software update, the Apple Watch now lets you use it as a good alternative to your traditional clock.


Specifically, when you are charging your device, you can turn your Apple Watch on its side and a digital clock will appear on the screen. When your watch is in nightstand mode, you can turn the alarm clock off by using the side button.

  • 3. Ignore most of the apps

With the Apple Watch, Apple offers tons of iOS features and apps like communicating (messaging/voice) or making payment. You may be wondering why you should load your watch with tons of the same apps you can find on your iPhone or iPad.


Basically, Apple Watch apps run slowly and they are “scaled-down version of the iPhone’s app structure”. Therefore, if you find these apps annoying, ignore them and use your iPhone instead.

  • 4. Limit the notifications

By default, you will be notified if your app has an update. You may find it annoying, but imagine that you have dozens of apps on your watch that deliver notifications. The app notifications just keep coming and coming. Besides bothering you, they can drain you battery quickly.



According to tech experts, you’d better off limiting the notifications on your Apple Watch to the things you care about like text messages, Facebook, and calendar alerts. To do this, head to Notification Menus, you will see a list of apps and touch the app for which you want to stop receiving notifications on your watch.

  • 5. Return to the home screen with just one press


The Apple Watch interface may confuse you, and it can take some time getting used to. Sometimes, you will get lost in tons of setting menus. However, keep in mind that you can always get back to the home screen by pressing in the digital crown.

  • 6. Use Force Touch to clear all notifications


The Apple Watch is the first iOS device to feature Force Touch technology. You can use Force Touch to clear all your notifications by pressing firmly on the screen.

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