Unlock iPhone 6 / 6S to use any SIM worldwide

If you’re reading this, so I think you’ve been researching for How to unlock your iPhone 6/6S (plus) permanently. There are a lot of different methods you may seen on the internet but I’m writing this article to help you getting a general look and understand what should you do then.

First of all, I don’t want to be wasting time, so I have to say that: “Your carrier (The carrier which your iPhone is locked to) is the only one who can unlock your iPhone”! There is no other method such as: Software, Jailbreaking… will work. So, the first method you have to think about is contacting your carrier to unlock it. Unfortunately, in fact, almost cases your carrier won’t help you to do that or just simply you can’t contact the original carrier by some reason. So, in that case, how to officially unlock your iPhone 6/6S from the carrier database? The answer is using 3rd party service, you’ll have to pay some money to an unlocking company, then send them your iPhone IMEI number (dialing *#06# to get it).

From here, I’m suggesting iPhoneIMEI.net, a company located in UK but it doesn’t matter where it is because they’ll unlock your iPhone remotely with just the IMEI number. So here is the link:

Unlock iPhone 6S / 6S (Plus)

or this: Unlock iPhone 6 / 6 Plus


You’re almost done here and you can leave the page now or read some other articles from my website 🙂 below is just some information to help you deeply understand about iPhone unlocking. If you wanna find out more about how does it work (Official iPhone unlocking method), let’s continue reading!


1. Unlock iPhone by using Software (This is a scam)

You may see something on the internet saying that they can unlock your iPhone after purchasing to buy their Software? Even there maybe some videos look so real, but that’s all scam, I swear.

This method was working at 6-7 years ago with iOS 4 but it’s no longer working now. You can’t hack to an Apple device as easy as that, otherwise FBI won’t spend $1m to just unlock an iPhone.


2. Unlock your iPhone 6/6S by hacking to Hardware (Not recommended)

I’ve never tried but I heard somewhere that it works. In theory, it should be working but this method isn’t recommended. The reason are obvious:

  1. You don’t want to disassemble or crack your iPhone anyway
  2. Modifying anything to your iPhone will avoid Apple warranty
  3. If anything wrong, your iPhone will be broken

So it’s definitely not our choice in this case to unlock an iPhone because there are too much risks. So I’m not talking about this method anymore, just forget it


3. Use Gevey SIM to unlock your iPhone 6/6S

This method is quite safe and it’s working but not highly recommended because it’s unstable and some iPhone features will be restricted. This is not an official way to unlock your iPhone.

Gevey SIM can be known as “SIM-Hack”, it’s a pass-through card, a very slim accessory which you will use with your real SIM card to cheat your own iPhone. The image below shows how does it work:

What is the Gevey SIM?
Gevey SIM
Gevey SIM

So when inserting your real SIM card with the Gevey SIM to your iPhone, the iPhone will be thinking that you’re inserting an original SIM card. IE: Your iPhone is locked to O2 UK and you need to use your iPhone with a T-mobile SIM, so you can use the Gevey SIM to insert your Tmobile and the iPhone will think that your SIM is O2 one.

This method is quite simple but it will cause some problem such as: Weak and unstable signal; some functions like Facetime, iMessenger, Hotspot…may not work.

So I don’t highly recommend this method, but you can think to it as a secondary solution

4. Official-Factory Unlock iPhone 6 / 6S from carrier

As I said, only the carrier can unlock your iPhone, Apple even doesn’t have the right to do that. From the carrier database, they decide which IMEI is marked as SIM-Locked, which IMEI is marked as SIM-Free. Then every time you active your iPhone or connect to the internet, the iPhone will automatically send a request to query the database to decide enabling you using any SIM or just original SIM.

So the permanent method to unlock your iPhone forever is: Whitelisting your IMEI number from carrier database.

Obviously, the easiest way is contacting carrier by yourself to request an unlock. But it depends on the carrier policy and not always get success. In that case, as I mentioned from the beginning of the article, you have to use 3rd party service (https://iphoneimei.net/official-iphone-unlock)

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