7 best camera apps for your iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has been considered as one of the best smartphone cameras for many years. Third-party developers are already making tons of camera apps for the current iPhone models. If you need more than the built-in camera on your iPhone, we offer several third-party apps that help you take full advantage of your device’s snapper.

  • 1. ProCam 3

ProCam 3 is without doubt one of the best third-party camera apps for iOS. The app offers tons of manual controls and the option to change the aspect ratio of the photo. Besides, you can easily adjust the video recording resolution. The app is now priced at 5 USD.



You can make some in-app purchases to add more feature to the app including the ability to capture 4K video recording on the older iPhones. Noticeably, ProCam 3 can work perfectly with the Apple Watch.

  • 2. Hydra – Amazing Photography


This camera app is specifically designed for capturing low-light photos. The app offers HDR mode, real-time zoom and the ability to upscale up to 32 MP images from the regular 8MP camera sensor, providing more details in captured images.

  • 3. Hipstamatic Camera

Hipstamatic Camera is one of the best alternatives to Apple’s stock camera app. The app features tons of filters in real-time.



Besides, Hipstamatic Camera offers the ability to automatically adjust key components of your photos including ISO, shutter speed, and exposure and many more. The app is now priced at 3 USD. Several in-app purchases can add many exciting features that will help you capture more stunning photos.

  • 4. Camera +


Camera + is among the best camera apps for your iPhone. The app offers a full set of editing tools and modes including Touch Exposure & Focus, Shooting Modes, Digital Zoom and so many more. Noticeably, the app features iCloud Lightbox sync that will automatically sync your Camera+ photos between all of your devices.

  • 5. NightCap Pro


NightCap Pro is specifically designed for low-light photography. The app features dedicated camera modes for automatic photography of night sky, shooting stars and more. Besides, NightCap Pro offers amazing tools for professional photographers including a full set of manual control.

  • 6. ProCamera +


ProCamera + ranks among the best camera apps for professional photographers. The app includes a full set of manual controls, filters, and effects. With its intuitive interface, ProCamera + lets you shoot stunning photos. The app also supports in-app purchases to make your photos look more beautiful.

  • 7. Pro Shot


The app allows you to manually adjust key components of your photos such as ISO, exposure and so many more. Pro Shot is now priced at 4 USD.

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