How to increase free space on iPhone

Lack of storage is always an issue of iOS users using an iPhone 16 GB capacity. However, if you are a users who likes exploring and have little knowledge about iOS devices, you can still apply these tips to increase free space on your iPhone.



Small tips below will help you to increase free space on the iPhone by cleaning junk files on your system. What you need to prepare:

  1. An iPhone is out of available space. This will be the device for you to clean junk files inside the system.
  2. A lightning cable to connect the device to a computer
  3. A Mac or Windows PC with iTunes software installed. You can download iTunes


Steps to increase free space on iPhone

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer via lightning cable. Then launch the software iTunes installed on your computer.


Step 2: Go to Summary – Backups, select ‘This computer’.


Step 3: Choose ‘Encrypt iPhone backup’ to encrypt your backups. Then you will be asked to create a password for the encrypted backup. Once you have selected a password, click Set Password.


Step 4: Choose Back Up Now to back up the data on your device. The time for backup will depend on the data of your device.


Step 5: As soon as the Backup data is complete. You choose Restore Backup to restore the data that you have backed up on iTunes.


iTunes may ask you to disable Find My iPhone on your iPhone. To turn off Find My iPhone, access to Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone. You will be asked to enter your iCloud password to disable this feature.

After turning off Find my phone, click OK on the tab announcement of iTunes and select Restore Backup again to continue the recovery process.

Step 6: You will be asked to select a backup you want to restore your iPhone. Make sure you choose the right backup created in step 4. Click Restore and enter a password for encrypted backups.


Step 7: After completing the Restore Backup, iPhone will automatically restart and you will need to make a few basic settings operations. All previous data will be restored. However, free space on your device will be significantly increased.


  • If your device does not have enough space to go through the data recovery process, you have to delete some data on the device.
  • This method is only for non- jailbreak devices
  • If your device has been jailbroken, you can easily clean up the junk files on the system to increase free space on the iPhone by using the tweak as iCleaner Pro, Clean Master…

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