Top 5 iPhone apps for adding text over photos

1- set image

Adding text over photos is now a hot trend. You can see that your Instagram/Facebook feed is crammed with many nice photos with text on them. Have you ever thought of how everyone can add text over photos? And you are really keen on doing this to share photos with beautiful text on social network!

Luckily, it is possible for you to create such images without learning about graphic design and Photoshop. What you need is your iPhone device, some free apps and a little time. Now we would like to show you free iPhone apps that allow you to add text over photos.

1. Over

Over is an app that is specifically designed for the mobile platform and featured by manual and standard fonts. Plus, this is combined with a variety of artwork which is meticulously designed on user interface. You can instantly share photos through many options available on Over.

2- over

With more than 300 fonts and 800 illustrations, you can easily create and make photos more vivid to share with friends or even use them as gifts, avatars, covers…

2. Quick

From the same developers of Over, Quick is considered as the fastest app for adding text over photos. It is an easy-to-use, fast and convenient tool for busy users who want to generate photos with unique caption on them in order to purchase, share and even store them on your device.

3- quick


The app is free but you should pay $1.99 to delete the Quick watermark and to unlock premium fonts.

3. Typorama

Typorama is an ideal app for those who desire to upload motivational photos on Instagram day by day. Typorama will help you to do this easily. You would be very happy to know that as launching the app, you can search for free stock photos, then Typorama will create random quotes for you, therefore, you do not have to type that.


Besides adding text over photos, Typorama also acts as a professional image processing program that enables you to make eCard, design Facebook covers and even iPhone/iPad wallpapers…with simple and easy-to-understand instructions.

4. Font Candy

Font Candy is a photo editing app with unique fonts, which gives users new experiences in processing and upgrading photo quality. With Font Candy, users can decorate their photos by using customizable captions, beautiful fonts and icons which are specifically designed for smartphones and tablets.

5- candy

5. Phonto

Phonto serves as a simple and free app that offers you the chance to add text over photos with a collection of decorative fonts, or to add text inside bubbles, placards and badges. In addition, the app also gives you cute stickers like stars and hearts that can be put in various colors and angles.

6- phonto

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