Top 5 security apps that you should have in your iPhone

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Nowadays, in the virtual world, there exists quite a few issues directly impact your iPhone device like viruses, malware, trojans or keylogger. Plus,  there are many hackers that can steal your sensitive information stored in your iOS device. So to help you secure your device from those security risks, we would like to provide you with some security apps that you must have in your iPhone. Let’s take a look at these apps below.


Your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and everything contained on them will stay safe and secure if you install Lookout. Many security experts regard Lookout as one of the best app protecting your iOS device from data loss, theft and other security risks which can put your sensitive information under threat.


Best Phone Security Pro

The another top app that plays an indispensable role in securing your phone is Best Phone Security Pro. With this app, you only need to activate the alarm and catch any nosy one red handed. The most amazing part of this app is that when intruders enter in a wrong password, the camera will be triggered to capture and save photos as a evidence.


Find My iPhone

In the latest iOS versions, Find My iPhone serves as a built-in app and one of the best security app that you should have in your iPhone. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac all can be integrated with this app. If you misplace one of these iOS devices, Find My iPhone will allow you to use any other iOS device to find it and secure your personal data. Notice that if you have an iOS device running older version and obviously, this app doesn’t come pre-installed, you just need to download, install, use it, and sign in with the Apple ID you use for iCloud. Find My iPhone helps you locate your missing device on a map, lock it remotely, play a sound, display a message or even erase all data on your device.


Foscam Surveillance Pro

Foscam Surveillance Pro is another essential security app for iOS devices, which can turn the iPhone camera into a useful security camera. This is the only app you need for controlling dedicated Foscam cameras. Plus, Foscam Surveillance Pro would be very useful for you to protect your business/home or take care of your kids as well as elderly parents.


Secure Password Manager

This is a paid app, however, it is considered to worth more than its price. Secure Password Manager enables you to control and protect your passwords and sensitive data in your iPhone and other iOS devices as well.


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