10 useful tips for iOS 10 beta

Apple has introduced iOS 10 beta with a large number of new features for users. Even if you are familiar with iOS platform, you will need some time to experience the best features on iOS 10, therefore, in this article, we will show you 10 handy iOS tips to help you have the best experience with iOS 10


  1. Swipe left and right on the Home screen


If this is the first time you have installed iOS 10, you will see a new Home screen. However, the basic features like unlocking our iPhone/iPad by swiping left to enter your passcode still remains.

With higher models integrated with Touch ID, now swiping to unlock gesture is no longer required. Instead, you can swipe right to access Widgets windows (similar to Notifications on iOS 9), and swipe left to open Camera. These gestures are intuitive, but it needs to take some time to get familiar.

To unlock the iPhone on iOS 10, you now put your finger in, press the Home button and hold it for Touch ID (or enter your passcode if requested).

  1. Customize the widgets

The Widgets window will display app information on the Home screen without unlocking your phone. It displays weather, time, and information of Calendar, News, Music, Batteries, as well as Siri App Suggestions by default.


Tap any option to open any apps you want (you may be asked to enter Passcode or use Touch ID).

By tapping the Edit button, you can manage the widgets optionally. You can add, or delete items, and move Widgets between the left columns on the iPad.

  1. Remove stock apps

Apple has finally allowed you to remove the stock apps from the Home screen. You can delete Apple Maps, FaceTime, Calendar apps, and even the iTunes Store.


Apps that you have removed can easily re-install from the App Store. Open the App Store to search for the app you want.

  1. Get a quick look at notifications


With iOS 10, you do not need to press any buttons to see your notifications, simply pick up your iPhone and the lock screen will show notifications. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > turn on Raise to Wake.


  1. Sketch in Messages

The ability to draw sketch in messages was first introduced on the App Watch and, and on iOS 10 version; Apple has brought this feature to the iPhone /iPad.


Open Messages and tap the Sketch. Drawing a sketch on the black rectangle and you can send to the other person. It is sent as an animation, so you will see your finger sketching it out.


  1. Bedtime in Clock

The Clock app now has a new feature, called Bedtime. With Bedtime, you can set a repeated wake-up alarm and a reminder when it is time to go to bed.

Open Clock app, tap on Bedtime > Get Started.


Bedtime will ask what time you want to wake up, just tap on Next and select the days for the alarm.

  1. Split Safari windows


One of the most welcoming features in iOS 10 is the ability to open  two Safari windows on iPad. If you are opening multiple tabs, drag one from the Tab bar to the right corner of the screen, it will display in Split View mode. If you do not want to exit Split View mode, just drag the tab back to the left.

You can also hold on a link and choose Open in Split View.

  1. Memories in Photos


On iOS 10, when opening Photos app and you will see a new option called Memories. It automatically creates Photo albums. You can see the best of last month, or best of last three months images. Below will be albums of places or events.

  1. Control Centre


The Control Centre on iOS 10 has been split into two unique windows to bring a visual interface for users. Swipe up from the bottom and you will see options such as screen brightness, AirPlay and Airdrop …Swipe to the right to see media controls, volume controls, and an AirPlay list. The new design seems to be better and have more space for users.

  1. Playgrounds and Home


There are two new apps added for the iPad. The first is Home app, which allows you to connect with smart devices on your network. Currently, it does not work well, but we hope a better fix in the official iOS 10.


The second is Playgrounds, which is a revolutionary app in Swift, the same with powerful language used to create world-class apps for the App Store. It is a good and funny game. Do not forget to take a look at both of them.



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