9 things you need to know before upgrading to iOS 10 beta

The official version of iOS 10 will not be released until fall, but thanks to Apple, both developers and users can install the iOS 10 beta version. However, the beta version remains many issues with your iOS device, which is why users consider installing the iOS 10 beta or not. In this article, we will show you 9 of the most important things you should do before installing the iOS 10 Beta version.

  1. Check out Apple’s Beta Rules & Conditions

If you want to install the new iOS 10 Beta, you can choose to download and install the update via the iOS 10 developer account. Apple offers help on their website for developers and they can guide you the most important information relating to the developer version of the update.

Although you have to join the Beta Software Program, you can also download the update for free. This free beta version also comes with its own set of rules; therefore it is important to read Apple’s FAQ on the Beta Software, here.

  1. Get Familiar with iOS 10 beta


The next thing you should do is to get familiar as much as possible with the iOS 10 Beta version. Some changes you can expect with this new update will include changes in Apple Music, Smart Home and others.

You can get a detailed look at the iOS 10 update and its new features on Apple’s website.

  1. Get ready with your login information


You will need your Apple ID or Developer account to download the new update. After installing the beta, you will have to log in all the services and accounts back. Therefore, you should have your login information handy before you start.

  1. Make a backup


With every software update, it is vital that you back up all of your data because you will lose all data after update.

You can easily backup your data via iCloud or iTunes before installing the iOS 10 Beta.

  1. Make time for downloading


The iOS 10 beta comes with many changes; therefore, make sure that you have at least 30 minutes of free time for downloading.

Once downloaded, you will also need to keep an eye on issues that could occur with your device.

  1. Know how to fix bugs after updating


The iOS 10 beta may cause some issues with your device. For this reason, it is very important that you get familiar with fixes for the many issues that can occur.

  1. Know how to downgrade iOS


It will be great if you know how to downgrade to iOS 9.3.2 in case you do not want to experience anymore because of many issues to handle.

The downgrade process is not too difficult and you can search Google for more instructions

  1. Take advantages of feedback on forums about the iOS 10 Beta


The best way to know how the iOS 10 Beta works out is to checkout some of the feedback of both developers and users on forums who have already installed the update.

You may find a good reason to hold off on installing the new update or a great reason to try installing. Make the most of feedback on tech forums are good way to get that second opinion before downloading the update.

  1. Learn how to install the update


If you do not know how to install the beta, you might want to learn how to install the iOS 10 Beta. Just make sure that you do not run into any unpredictable issues when installing the update.

Do not try installing the update until you are fully familiar with how to install the update.

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