How to fix common problems and bugs on iOS 9.3.2

Apple has released the official iOS 9.3.2 version to improve performance and fix some bugs. However, after each update of Apple, there are a few bugs such as rapid battery drain, error 56 on iPad Pro…, which several users have reported.

Have you also faced with some bugs and issues after updating you iPhone/iPad to iOs 9.3.2? In this article, we will show you some issues that still exist on iOS 9.3.2 and solutions to fix them.

Bugs on iOS 9.3.2 and solutions

  1. Error 56 message on iPad Pro


Many iPad Pro users have reported that when updating to iOS 9.3.2, their device restarted many times and then Error 56 appeared on the screen, which noticed ‘connect device to the iTunes’. However, even connecting to iTunes again, the problem remained unsolved. Rebooting the device did not fix the problem either.

According to Apple, error 56 is an issue relating to the hardware. Here is what Apple suggests fixing error 56

  • Update to the latest version of iTunes
  • Update your computer
  • Check security software of your computer
  • Ensure the connectivity cable is good
  • Unplug other USB device from the computer
  • Restart both the computer and device
  • Restore the device again
  1. Battery drain problem on iOS 9.3.2

Fast battery drain has become a common problem for iPhone/iPad users every time they update their devices to the latest version.

However, there are some tips to solve the problem that you should try.

  • Activate Low Power Mode

Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode


  • Turn Location Service off if you do not use

In Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Toggle Off.


  • Disable Background App Refresh

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh


Step 2: Toggle Background App Refresh Off

  • Disable Automatic Download

Step 1: In Settings> iTunes & App Store


Step 2: Turn off Automatic Download


  • Turn off Auto Brightness

Step 1: In Settings> Tap on Display & Brightness


Step 2: Turn Off Auto Brightness


  1. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issue on iOS 9.3.2

It is not surprised that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues have happened with iOS devices again when updating to the latest official version. However, there are still some tested tricks to fix this problem

  • Reset Network Settings

Go to Settings > General > Reset and choose Reset Network Settings


Device will forget Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi connection. Then you will have to reconnect it.

  • Forget the Device/Network

In Settings > Bluetooth > Tap the “i” icon to choose the connection> Forget this Device


Settings > Wi-Fi > Tap the “i” icon to choose the connection again > Forget this Network


  • Reset All Settings

If two solutions above cannot solve the problems, you should think about resetting all things to fix the issue.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings


Above are some common issues when updating to iOS 9.3.2 version and simple solutions to fix them. Let us know if you get trouble with other issues on iOS 9.3.2 in the comment below.

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