How to set up iCloud Keychain on iOS 10

Password has become an indispensable feature when it comes to  iOS devices; it keeps your devices far from leaking the private information. However, the password management is never easy especially if   you forget the password.

This is the reason why from iOS 7, the iCloud Keychain feature has been added into iCloud. Gradually, it becomes one of the best features of the iCloud account. Once you set up iCloud Keychain on your iOS devices, your account names, passwords, and even the credit card information will be synchronized across your devices. Moreover, you are able to manage them conveniently.

While updating your iPhone to iOS 10, the setup assistant will require setting up the iCloud Keychain. Here are some steps to set up iCloud Keychain on your iDevices.

How to set up the iCloud Keychain on iOS 10


Step 1: First, open Settings app on your device → Tap on iCloud.


Step 2:  Then tap on Keychain.


Step 3: Tap on the iCloud Keychain.


Step 4: Now, you have to create an iCloud security code. Enter the 6 digit code.


The iCloud Security Code is different from the passcode locking your device. It is used to verify additional devices to use your iCloud Keychain.

Step 5:  When appearing a popup, tap on Use Code.


Step 6: Next, select your country → Enter your phone number then tap on Next on the right corner. Apple will send a 6 digit verification code in a text message to your device. (You can change the phone number anytime you want in your iCloud account details on both the iOS device and on the Mac.)


Your iCloud Keychain now has been successfully set up.


How to set up additional devices to use iCloud Keychain

You can easily add other devices to iCloud Keychain so that all of your account information will be synced across all your devices. Here are some steps to do this.


Step 1: On other iDevices (your iPad/iPod), launch Settings app → Tap on iCloud → select Keychain


Step 2: Turn on the iCloud Keychain. (You may be required to enter the Apple ID password on your iPad/iPod.)


Step 3: On the iPhone you have set up the iCloud Keychain above, Apple will send a message that requires the approval from the additional devices. You need to enter your Apple ID passwords (if requested) and then tap on Allow in the popup.


Remove iCloud Keychain from the synced iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

You can easily remove iCloud Keychain from the synced iOS devices by doing the following steps.

Step 1: Open Settings app again → iCloud.

Step 2:  Tap on Keychain, then choose Advanced.


Step 3: Next, turn off Approve with Security Code.


Step 4: Now, you can turn off the iCloud Keychain on devices that uses it.

That is done! You have successfully removed iCloud Keychain from other iOS devices; you can easily set it up again by following the steps above. However, you would better keep it enabled for managing more conveniently.

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