Things you need to know about iOS 10 Beta Problems

Last month, Apple released the iOS 10 beta for developers, and this month, Apple has released the iOS10 beta for the public testers via the Beta Software Upgrade. If your iPhone/ iPad is compatible with iOS 10, you can download and install the software right now.

The iOS 10 beta is not for everyone. Beta software is not perfect and the iOS 10 beta is not an exception, it still remains many issues.

Today we want to show you the current problems of iOS 10 beta for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and provide you the important information that you need to know before the final iOS 10 release.

Problems iOS 10 Beta

Before you download the iOS 10 beta, know that there are tons of problems in this version. Developers and public testers using iOS 10 beta 1 and beta 2 version have discovered numerous bugs and issues. These are some of the common problems on iOS 10 beta 2:


  • CarPlay

Siri mishaps such as reading things through the phone speaker that do not work at all.

  • General

“Show More” and “Show Less” in Spotlight are sometimes underlined.

Status Bar clock may disappear after unlocking the device

After the device reboots, it needs 4-5 minutes to boot properly. For the first time, the device will freeze; iMessage app is force -closed. However, after a while, all works fine.

Bluetooth audio skips when listening over a Bluetooth device.

Usage and standby time are the same with some users.

Status bar disappears when returning to home screen during a phone call.

Restarting the iPhone may cause the Camera and FaceTime apps to disappear. The result is that you cannot take any photos or record videos. Restarting device does not solve the problem.

  • Notification Center

Widgets often show a blank page.

  • Control Center

The iconography for AirPlay color is inverted.

  • Messages

In conversation view, click the contact’s photo. It goes back to the conversation results in a transparent Status Bar.

  • Home App

Sometimes, a notification “Not Supported” displays on the Home app.

Hue accent’s tone adjustment is not supported yet.

  • FaceTime

When leaving a call  to open another app and then reopen the FaceTime, the video will not properly rotate.

  • Music

The left bottom area of “Now Playing” is still empty, when tapping on it will cause the deletion of current song from library or the deletion of device’s download. This still exists on both Beta 1 and Beta 2 versions. Smart playlists do not work, just show blank.

  • Hardware

Volume buttons do not work. However, a reboot will fix it but the problem can come back.

This is why we advise you to take some steps to prepare your device for the iOS 10 beta before downloading it. A little preparation will prevent problems on your iPhone/ iPad

If you are really interested in installing the iOS 10 beta, make sure to keep an eye on these problems. This is very important if you move from an older iOS version or use old devices like the iPhone 5 or iPad mini.

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