5 reasons to update iOS 9.3.3 and 4 reasons you should not

iOS 9 version  is officially released alongside iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus . To overcome the existing problems and make iOS 9 more complete, Apple continuously rolls out updates to fix bugs as well as adds new features for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

After the release of iOS 10 beta, Apple has recently released the official iOS 9.3.3 version. However, instead of immediately updating, you should wait for feedback from other users.

Here are the reasons why you should and should not install iOS 9.3.3.

The reasons to update iOS 9.3.3

  1. Security enhancement


IOS 9.3.3 update includes several patches for security problems and this will be very useful for the storage of sensitive data on your device. Apple’s website has listed 26 patches for potential security issues, more than 22 patches on the iOS 9.3.2 version.

Therefore, if you have the high demands on security and privacy, you should consider updating to iOS 9.3.3.

  1. If you have a problem with iOS 9


iOS 9.3.3 contains bug fixes for iOS 9, so if you cannot fix some bugs in the previous iOS 9 version, you should update  iOS 9.3.3 right now. Specifically, iOS 9.3.3 also supports older iPhone models as iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. It performs well and more smoothly compared to its predecessor iOS 9.3.2.

  1. If you use the Night Shift


One of the most impressive features on the iOS 9.3 is the Night Shift mode. This feature can change the screen color between night and day to help you have a better sleep. From iOS 9.3.2 update, Night Shift mode allows users to activate Power Mode mode. If you are using iOS 9.3.1, then you are not be able to use simultaneously and Low Power Mode Night Shift. Therefore, if you skip the iOS 9.3.2 update, you should upgrade to iOS 9.3.3 for this feature.

  1. If you want to place the circular folders


iOS 9 has a small bug that allows users to aggregate the directory into a round shape instead of rectangular as before without the jailbreak. This bug is still maintained on iOS 9.3.3.

To do this, first you select a background image from the list and save to the Camera Roll.

Next, go to Settings> Wallpaper> Choose a New Wallpaper. Then, select the Camera Roll / My Photos Stream and choose the wallpaper you have just saved. Apply the new wallpaper for your home screen

Once successful, any folder created on the home screen will appear in the clear figure, except Apple’s default directory. Therefore, if you enjoy with this, you should install iOS 9.3.3.

  1. If you use Google apps


If you are a user of Google apps on iOS, you should not ignore the update of iOS 9.3.3. You will be supported by many useful features in this version.

The reasons not to update iOS 9.3.3

  1. If you are not ready


iOS 9.3.3 adds more features and new patches, but that does not mean iOS 9.3.3 will not cause any trouble for your device. Therefore, you should consider and look forward to feedback from other users if you are not ready to experience the official version

  1. If you want to jailbreak devices


Up to now, users have been able to jailbreak iOS 9.3, but still not able to do this with iOS 9.3.3. Therefore, in case updating iOS 9.3.3, you will have to wait a while longer until jailbreaking  iOS 9.3.3 version comes out. If you are looking to jailbreak your device, you should not update iOS 9.3.3.

  1. If you are worried phone having problems


If you are satisfied with the iOS 9.3.2 version or lower version, you should not update the iOS 9.3.3. What you should do is wait for the feedback of users on issues such as the battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,… because once updated to iOS 9.3.3, you will not be able to downgrade to iOS 9.3.2 anymore, just wait until Apple releases a newer version.

  1. Do not install if you are traveling


If you are preparing to travel to another country, you should not update iOS 9.3.3 until you return home because you may encounter some problems with the data or the service update to the new version.




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