5 simple ways to ensure safety for your Apple ID account

Customer data of Google and Apple are the good “bait” for hackers worldwide. The services of two companies are synced with multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones, and even store the information on the credit card. Users of Apple’s services receive many security features but they may not know to activate them.

In this article, we will show you how to protect your account from hacker’s attacks.

  1. Activate two-step authentication for your Apple ID

Two layers password doubles the security improvements of user’s account. Besides entering the regular password, you must have a 4-digit code sent from Apple’ server to log in. This code can be received from an iOS device using the general account or a SMS message from a pre-registration phone number.


To activate this feature, you need to log into the Apple ID management website, here. Then, in the Security section, click on Edit, scroll down and enable “Two-step verification.”


You need to register your phone number or device to receive codes by clicking on the “Trusted Phone Numbers” or “Trusted Devices.”

Note that

  • You can select the device receiving the iPhone code, for example; the iPhone you are using or another iOS device.
  • You do not have to worry about problems in case your device is stolen by thieves, the code from Apple only can be seen when being opened.
  • You should use a phone number that is not installed on your iPhone to receive Code via SMS, otherwise thieves can preview if you enable the “preview” feature in the lock screen.


  1. Keep carefully “Key Recovery”


Each account is given  an Apple Key Recovery after registering; this key is used to restore the account in case other people enter  your password  wrong too many times in a row.

If you do not remember the Key Recovery, just get back in the account management, at the Security tab. In case the code is leaked, you can also create other codes on the management section.


  1. Use two different accounts for the App store and Apple ID

Each Apple account can be used to download apps and synchronize from iCloud service. However, to avoid being “hacked”; you should use two separate accounts. iOS and OS X are also supported using different App store and iCloud accounts, it helps you hide the email used for iCloud account, keep your device away from hacker’s eyes.

  1. Use email to sign up a new Apple ID


The username to register the Apple ID is your email address. However, there is a weakness, which is that many people know the address, they search easily through Google. To keep the confidential information, use a new email address to register Apple ID. Besides, you should enable the 2 layers security feature right on the newly email created (free service with your Gmail account).


  1. Add a rescue Email


This email is used to restore your Apple ID account in case being stolen. You can go to the Account Management at the Security section to add another email. Moreover, using another email also helps you reset your security question in case you forget easily.

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