6 things you need to know about iOS 10 new Music app

At WWDC event this year, Apple has introduced iOS 10 beta with a lot of new changes. One of them is the change of Music app. Apple has improved and revamped the app on iOS 10. In this article, we will show you 6 new changes of Music app on iOS 10.


  1. Easy to navigate the library


On iOS 10, when you open the Music app, the “My Music” tab is no longer available. Instead, you will find your music in the Library tab, which comprises contents stored on your device and in your Apple Music account.


You can quickly jump between categories and sections just by tapping on the large text buttons at the top of the screen, or scroll down to view music recently added to your account. Tap on Edit to add, rearrange, or remove music categories.

You just tap on Downloaded Music to see the music stored on your device


  1. Smarter ‘For You’ tab

The ‘For You’ tab now also has a new change, the music recommendations are better and the songs or artists are now within the app.


When you scroll through this section, you will see the rotation albums, artists, radio stations, or playlists, and further recommendations based on your music profile.

To connect to Apple’s Connect service, where you can find post updates, music, or videos of famous artists, just tap on Apple Connect icon at the bottom of the For You section.


  1. Something new under ‘Browse’ tab

You just tap on the Browse tab to look for the latest albums of the week.


Scroll through the thumbnail previews of albums, or tap on one of the text buttons to see New Music, Curated Playlists, Top Charts, and Genres.


  1. The changes of Radio


You can find older shows to listen to through the Radio tab. With the new change of Radio on iOS 10, you now just tap on View All Stations to find highlighted stations outside of Beats 1, such as Classic, Dance, or Opera.

  1. A portable karaoke machine

You can control playback using controls just above the tabs at the bottom of the screen while playing music. When you tap on the bar where the controls are located, it will open the Now Playing screen. Here you can pause, skip, add songs to your library, or scroll down to view the nest songs.


You can also press on the three-dot icon to do tasks like add an item to the playlist, create a station based off the song, like, or dislike a song.

Another neat feature you will notice is the option to view Lyrics playing. Just scroll down to the Up Next section, or tap on the three-dot icon to open Lyrics.


  1. Don’t forget to check the Settings app


There are some available key settings in the Settings app surrounding Music. You can now choose whether the Music app will add a song to your library or not. For example, on iOS 10 you can find a playlist in Apple Music and add it to your account. Then, every song on that playlist will automatically be added to your My Music tab.


Furthermore, iOS 10 can automatically download the content you have added to your Library, even if you added it on another device. For instance, if your iPhone/iPad runs iOS 10, you can add an album to your account, and not only does the album show up in your Recently Added section on another device, but iOS 10 can also download automatically that album to your device for offline playback.

Users who worry this feature eats up too much space on your device, you can choose how much space you want the downloaded music to take up.

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