Google Motion Stills: Convert iPhone Live Photos to GIFs/Videos

Live Photos is a new exciting feature on the latest iPhone 6s /6s plus/SE that turns your photos into moving images. Although ‘Live Photos’ is a very cool feature, you cannot share live photos unless if you do not convert them to GIFs.

However, there is a great app that can help you convert live photos GIFs, called Motion Stills. Moreover, the app also allows you to create videos through combining multiple live photos. You can download this app for free from the App Store, here


If you own an iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus or SE, we will show you the way to convert Live Photos to GIFs with Google Motion Stills:


Convert Live Photos to GIFs or Video

  1. Open the App Store and install the Motion Stills app. When you first open the app, you will be welcome with a cool GIF image, after that you will see slides displaying features of the app.


  1. The app will prompt you to give permissions to access Photos app. Once you grant the permission, the app will open up all your live photos.


  1. Simply tap on a live photo to get the GIF and then share it, then you tap on the Motion Stills icon at the bottom left in the GIF sharing page to stabilize a live photo.


Note that if Motion Stills icon is unlocked, the image is already stabilized.


  1. To share the image, just tap on the ‘Share’ button, then it will show you two options: “Send GIF” and “Share Clip“. Select ‘Send GIF’ button



Combine multiple live photos to create a video

You can also create a small video with multiple live photos via Google Motion Stills app

  1. Open the app, just swipe right on a live photo to create a new video or add images to a video. You can also swipe left on an image to hide it from the app.


  1. Once you have added the live photos to create videos, simply tap on the ‘Play’ button to preview the video.

If you do not like some images in the video, just swipe up from the bottom bar to delete them. You can also press the cross button at the top left to back and add more live photos to the video.


  1. Once you have created, you can tap on the ‘Share’ button to upload your video to YouTube” or simply share it.


Note: The format of video created from Motion Stills is still MOV.


Check out Settings of Motion Stills app

To open the Settings section of the Motion Stills app, you just swipe down from the top to display the Setting icon of Motion Stills. Simply click on the icon to open app settings.


Here, there are some options for you; you can choose the GIF quality to be large (640×480), medium (480×360), or small (320×240) size. You can also choose the speed at which  clips are repeated in a GIF, and the most important option is that you can turn off the logo of Motion Stills on created GIFs.

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