How to fix sound issues on iPhone

iPhones are really great devices for entertainment and communication  using  both headphones or the loud speaker. However, some iOS users often encounter  the issue  with iPhone’s sound  not  playing via the speaker.

Before immediately taking to the Apple Genuine, there are some fixes you can try to solve the sound issues on your iPhone. In this article, we will show you some quick fixes when you encounter iPhone sound problems with your speaker or ringer.


How to fix iPhone sound issues


There are different types of problems you have to face with the sound on your iPhone. However, the most common issue is that the audio is not working and no sound is emitted from the speaker.


There are also other issues happening with your iPhone such as stuck in headphones mode, damaged lightning port, or software corruption. Below are a few quick tips to troubleshoot your iPhone sound issues.



  1. Troubleshoot no iPhone speaker audio


When iPhone does not play audio through the speaker, you need to check the software first as it might cause the apparent hardware.

SoftwareSoundIssues (1)

You should swipe up the Control Center to make sure that the iPhone is not in “Do Not Disturb” mode. This feature will keep your iPhone quiet, you need to check it first. Besides, flipping upwards the Ringer Switch next to the Volume up Buttons is also necessary, as this will allow audio to freely play on your iPhone.

You can do a hard reset by holding the Home Button and the Power button at the same time to fix the audio issue. However, if resetting does not resolve the issue, you need to restore your device via iTunes to install a fresh version of iOS.


  1. Fix iPhone stuck in headphone mode


iPhone will often stop playing external audio in case headphones are plugged in. However, when you use the headphones with your device, but the loud speaker is still playing, it is possible that sometimes dust or debris litters the inside of the port. Some sort of physical damage to the port can also cause your iPhone stuck in headphone mode.



To fix the issue, you should take a quick look inside the headphone jack with a flashlight, and use compressed air to clean out if there is dust in the port. If you see any corrosion, your headphone jack possibly gets a physical damage.


Plug headphones into the iPhone until you feel a good connection. Then, check the headphones by playing audio. You can press the volume buttons to show Ringer or Headphones to see if the fix works or not.



  1. Repair iPhone Sound and Speaker


If all tips above cannot troubleshoot the issue, your device might need to replace the speaker or swap out the entire phone. Do not forget to back up all data before taking you device to an Apple Store or other service provider.


Note that:  hardware repairs can cost a lot of money, especially the speaker replacement; you might spend $80  replacing it.



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