10 awesome features on iOS 10

Apple has announced the official version of iOS 10. This seems to be the biggest update since Apple launched iSO 7 in 2013. iOS 7. The latest version will be available for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus from September 16. If you have an old iPhone supported iOS 10, you are still able to download the update from 6pm UK time today. Here are some of the best features on iOS 10.

  1. Raise to wake


You hate of pressing buttons to see the notice? You should upgrade your device to the latest iOS version. In iOS 10, the phone’s accelerometer sensor will track the gestures. When it realizes the phone is picked up, the screen will light up, and the lock screen now displays the latest notification.

  1. Widget

The apps will be more useful when users can use them right on the widget without opening them. On iOS 10, the widget will appear on the lock screen, and when you use the 3D Touch for apps.

Widget will allow you to quickly view appointments, weather information when you swipe left on the lock screen, or view information of sports games using 3D Touch on applications such as ESPN sports.

  1. Delete the stock apps

Some people might consider the Compass app is an important app, but for some people, it is just a real estate on the home screen. Therefore, iOS 10 allows users to remove the apps such as Stocks and Mail.

  1. Emoji

If you are still communicating with words in 2016, it is a shame for you.


Emoji on iOS 10 has been renewed, which enables users to replace words with vivid emoji. Type out a word and, when you select the emoji keyboard, the Messages app will highlight certain words you can replace with an emoji. If you type in “basketball” word, a basketball emoji will appear.

It will take your time to find your emoji in available emojies. Therefore, iOS 10 will automatically search them to help users save time.

  1. Voicemail transcriptions

iOS 10 has been added a feature that automatically transcribes an answer phone message left by a caller.

  1. Apps in iMessage


iOS 10 brought a big new changes for iMessage when it is owned an independent App Store. You can use it to order food, do shopping, or travel. All are integrated within iMessage. Additionally, you can also download the cute sticker packages available from iMessage App Store, such as Disney, Bandai, Namco and Sanrio

  1. Apple New Music

Apple Music has archieved a success since it launched last year with 20 million premium subscribers. However, it is not really criticized.

For iOS 10, the software has been rebuilt from the ground up that shows a cleaner design. According to Apple: “This software uses the new design language that allows users to easily access, navigate and discover more music. ”

  1. Siri for developers


It has been 5 years since Siri was first introduced in 2011. Compared to some younger models such as Amazon’s Alexa, Siri seems to be more winded. That is the reason why Apple allows third-party developers to develop Siri. This means you can ask Siri to send a Whatsapp message, order an Uber or car reservations…

  1. Better maps

Apple Maps is just a bit of joke, so most users have to use Google Maps or Maps Here instead. The recent updates might not afford to compete with these two rivals.

Therefore, on iOS 10, Maps has been redesigned with larger buttons, make it simpler and easier to use. It can also be extended and allow you to book Uber to a certain location.


  1. Photo Memories

This app is like TimeHop, which will help you save the memories in the past. However, TimeHop does not have access to your whole photo library as Apple does. In iOS 10, Apple will debut a completely new feature, called “Memories”, it will automatically stitch the pictures together into a video of a time and place such as holidays or weddings.



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