6 simple ways to speed up old iPhone running iOS 10

Apple has officially released iOS 10 with new exciting features. However, with older devices such as iPhone 5, 5c, iOS 10 might cause a shock, lag, and poor performance. There are several reasons causing the issue such as the damaged device, low   space for updating new apps, the device is not compatible …

Here are some solutions that can help you overcome temporary lag, slow response on your iPhone running iOS 10.

  1. Clean up the internal memory

First, you need to check how much data is taken up in your device. If the internal memory is in the overload, you should erase the necessary data. By this way, you can speed up your iPhone.


To check the free space on your device, access to Settings-> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage and then select Manage Storage. Here, you can check the available memory and see how much memory was used. You should clean up images, videos applications that are not really necessary, or you no longer use them to free up the memory.

  1. Disable auto-download mode

iOS 10 also shows the background mode that you might not have noticed. Automatically updating the apps is considered as one of the reasons that make your device perform slowly. In spite of the convenience of this feature, it eats up the device’s CPU, and drains the battery of the device.


You can manually disable this mode and update the application via App Store. To turn off automatic updates, you access the Settings -> iTunes & App Store then toggle the switch next to Updates section off to disable automatic updates.

  1. Disable “Background App Refresh”


When you turn on “Background App Refresh”, apps will eat up and use the device’s CPU. Instead of using the self-updating on your old iPhone, you should manually update the app to reduce storage capacity.

To disable this feature, go to Settings -> General -> toggle the switch next to Background App Refresh from On to Off. However, sometimes you can also activate “Background App Refresh” to clean up the background activities on your iPhone.

  1. Reduce transparency and motion


Apple has added a number of effects in iOS 10 to bring better experiences for users when opening or closing the apps. However, they make your device run more slowly. You should turn off these effects by accessing Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce motion. Here, find Increase Contract and then toggle the switch next to Reduce Transparency on.

This will help you limit the transparent effects and improve considerably the efficiency of your device.

  1. Check the Location Services

Using GPS can help you locate your position as well as the device, but it also drains the battery power fast. Therefore, if not necessary, you should disable Location Service. To do this, you access to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Service and turn it off.


You also enable the Location Service for some important apps like Maps, and disable for individual apps so that you can both still use these features and save energy for your device.


  1. Restart the device


If mentioned solutions do not work with your device, the advice is to restart your iPhone. After using for a long time, you should power off, restart, and then give a break for your iPhone. Sometimes a reboot will make your old iPhone become smoother.

Above are some tips that can help your device reduce lag and improve the performance on iOS 10. We hope you will have great experiences with iOS 10 on your old iPhone



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