How to fix common issues on iOS 10

Apple has officially released iOS 10 for  supported iOS devices, which brings many significant changes for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch for this platform. Besides the worth changes, this update still exists some problems. In this article, we will show you some common issues on iOS 10 and the ways to fix them.

  1. Battery Life Drain


After updating to iOS 10, many users have reported that the battery life of their device drains so fast. Perhaps this issue will be resolved in the next updates. However, this issue can be overcome by following these steps.

  • Restrict apps running in the background by going to Settings> General> Background App Refresh. Meanwhile, a list of applications that will display, turn off unnecessary apps, as they are big battery life killers.
  • Turn off Fitness Tracking and non-essential apps in Settings> Privacy> Motion & Fitness. If you have an Apple Watch,you should turn off Fitness Tracking on phone. In addition, apps such as Health, Microsoft Health, TripAdvisor and Waze waste your battery a lot, so turn them off.
  • Adjust brightness screen at appropriate level
  • Turn Wi-Fi on and off at the right times. When you are at home or work, connected your device to a Wi-Fi instead of cellular. When you are out, turn off Wi-Fi to prevent your iPhone from looking for Wi-Fi networks.
  • Keep track which apps are draining your battery life the most (usually social apps like Twitter, Facebook, Messenger or stream music apps like iTunes, Spotify or Groove Music Pass) by going to Settings> Battery.


  1. Phone ‘Brick’ on when updating iOS 10


While the beta went no wrongs for iOS users, the official of iOS 10 has bricked a number of iPhones and iPads. That makes Apple fans disappointed after a solid three-month beta.

If this issue occurs, you can resolve by following steps:

  • Connect your iPhone/ iPad to your computer
  • Open iTunes .
  • Activate Recovery mode by long- pressing the key combination the Power + Home until the device appears ‘connecting to the iTunes’ icon.
  • When being asked whether the Update or Restore, you only select Update
  • Repeat the above steps if your device is not responding after 15 minutes.
  1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues


This problem occurs with every version of iOS, and iOS 10 is not an exception.

To fix this issue, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Your wireless connects will be back to their default settings, but  your data will be intact. That usually solves this issue.

  1. Home button

The function of Home button has been changed on iOS 10. Now the familiar feature: ‘Slide to Unlock’ did not exist anymore. To unlock the device, you must press in on the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.


However, for those who were used to the traditional way, you just go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Home Button and switch to Open Finger Rest.

This will allow you to open your iPhone/ iPad with Touch ID, without having to press the Home button anymore.

  1. No iMessage notifications


After updating to iOS 10, you notice that you are no longer getting notifications when you receive an iMessage. To fix this issue, check your notification settings by heading to Settings > Notifications > Messages.

Make sure all the toggles next to each option is switched on, and the selected alert style is “Banner”.

Above are five common issues we just discovered. There may be many other problems are found early and we will continuously update to you.

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