How to fix “unable to delete apps” issue on iPhone

You want to delete unnecessary apps to free up your iPhone space. However, you are unable to remove these apps on the iPhone and your apps get stuck on “Waiting” or “Loading”. You press and hold on an icon, but the usual “x” icon to delete an app does not appear. Although this is not a common issue, it can be resolved easily.

  1. Hard Reset


You are able to fix some minor issues like unable to remove apps or app freezing by just doing the hard reset of your device. Hold on the Power button and the Home button at once for ten seconds until Apple logo appears.

  1. Check download list

In case you get apps stuck on waiting or loading, this might also be due to a long download list. You can fix this problem easily just by 2 steps:

Step 1: Open the App Store → Tap on Updates section → Tap on Purchased

Step 2: If there is a list of apps stuck on “Installing”, you need to turn off Wi-Fi or Cellular. (Settings → Wi-Fi/Cellular). Then, tap on the installing apps to stop them. Now, turn Wi-Fi/Cellular back on and then try to download apps again.


If the issue has not been fixed yet, you should check your internet connection. Try resetting the network settings (Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings.). Once done, reinstall the app.


  1. Reset All Settings


Resetting everything might help you fix the issue of apps stuck on waiting or installing

It only reset all settings, so your data or media will not be erased.

Step 1: Open Settings app → General

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Reset → Reset All Settings.


  1. Complete iTunes Sync


If you have synced before, the apps on your iPhone are also on iTunes. You can remove apps in iTunes, re-sync with iPhone so that apps get removed from iPhone as well and then reinstall apps via your iPhone.


Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

Step 2: Click on your iPhone from the sidebar, select Apps tab. From the list, against the apps that are causing the issue, click on “Installed” to change into “Will Remove.” Now you can remove apps that are stuck in “waiting” or not able to be deleted on the iPhone via iTunes.

Step 3: Sync your iPhone via iTunes. The app should now be removed completely from the iPhone.


  1. Do a fresh restore from Backups


A restore is often the easiest and the cleanest way to fix things on the iPhone. However, if you have a good backup, you can clear things faster.


A fresh restore from a backup that you have done before is a good solution to bring everything back to normal state. If you have a backup on iTunes, you can use this backup to solve the issue.


You can restore from an earlier backup by clicking on the Restore option in iTunes. This will prompt you to choose a backup.


If not, the restore will upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS version along with resetting your entire device. If you do not pay much attention about data, you should do a fresh restore too. Then you can get all the apps back via the App Store → Purchased section.

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