Charge your iPhone with the new MacBook Pro

Apple just rolled out its new lineup of MacBook Pros, the only ports available are Thunderbolt 3 (or USB-C). But don’t worry, you still have at least two with the 13-inch model without the Touch Bar, and four with two other models. However, keep in mind that not everything you wish to connect will need a USB-C connection. So, the standard USB to Lightning cable that is packed with your iPhone can’t plug into the phone directly, but you can definitely do this. Here we are with 2 options. Take a look.

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Option 1: USB-C to USB adapter

A little dongle can turn a Thunderbolt 3 port into a USB port, so you can use the original cord that was packed with your iPhone.

Plus, the USB-C to USB adapter appears versatile. A number of your devices may take advantage of the standard USB port, therefore, you can connect your printer, external microphone, and so on by using this dongle.

Apple’s adapter is currently priced at about $19. Just get one.

Option 2: USB-C to Lightning cable

Another option for those worried about losing a little dongle is getting a USB-C to Lightning cable. This cable lets you plug your iPhone directly into the Thunderbolt 3 port on your new MacBook Pro.

Apple’s official cable is currently priced at about $25.

That’s the 2 options you can consider to be able to charge your iPhone with the new MacBook Pro. However, you don’t have to worry much about this, since when you are using your MacBook Pro, as often as not, perhaps you are around power outlets. So you can plug your iPhone into the wall directly without using any additional equipment.

We recommend buying such equipment if you feel you are not actually around the power outlets, and your MacBook Pro can do almost anything your iPhone/iPad can also do. If not, you had better not look around to charge your iPhone with the Mac in order to save yourself a little money and battery life as well.

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